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Apart from donations, Guatemala Mission relies heavily on the time and skills of talented individuals. We are looking for skilled people with a desire to work with a hands-on organization. You can volunteer with us from anywhere in the world to:

  • Organize fundraising house parties
  • Translate between English and Spanish (documents and our website)
  • Spread the word about Guatemala Missions (speaking opportunities)
  • Raise funds for our various projects through local events
  • Web Work (updates, postings, uploading photos, blogging,etc).
  • Available volunteer opportunities in Guatemala:
  • General Volunteer
  • Information Technology Volunteer
  • School Sponsorship/Education Program Volunteer
  • Family Aid Program Volunteer
  • Volunteer Photographer
  • Volunteer Videographer
  • Medical Volunteer
  • Other

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please send an e-mail message to, detailing your interest and time line. Please be sure to attach your resume in the message.

Guatemala Mission cannot offer any type of compensation to volunteers for services provided. You are responsible for paying for any expenses incurred, such as traveling to and from Guatemala, living expenses,medical and personal expenses. We do not charge any fees for volunteering with us.

Living in Guatemala
The cost of living in Guatemala is relatively low. We will be happy to help you find accommodation and makesuggestions to you; however, you are responsible for finding your own dwelling. Past volunteers have had the most success finding a place to stay once they are in Guatemala. Depending on the type of accommodation that you are seeking (furnished, unfurnished, sharing or not), you should expect to pay anywhere between $125.00-$600.00USD a month.

Food: There is a vegetable and fruit market thatsells affordable food for you to prepare yourself. On average, our past volunteers spent a minimum of $125.00 a month (if they prepared the food themselves). If you buy a lot of imported food or canned food,(e.g. peanut butter, cake mix, canned fruits, olive oil, Quinoa, etc.),you can expect to pay slightly higher prices than you would back home,which will also increase your food expenses. If you anticipate going out to restaurants frequently you can easily double your expenses. A meal at a restaurant (depending on the restaurant quality) can range between US$2.50-20.

For additional information about volunteering with us, please contact Monsignor Joseph Catrambone

Want to Volunteer for Lavosi School for the Deaf Instead?

For additional information about volunteering with LAVOSI SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF in Guatemala, please contact Alvaro De León, President, nechodeleon@gmail.comand visit our official web page

A Letter from a Volunteer
A Letter from a Volunteer

Hi Bishop Joe,

Hope all is well! I miss Guatemala and all of the children so much. I was looking back on my photos from the trip and realized I never sent you the reflection you asked me for - so here it is:

What originally sparked my interest in going to Guatemala to help out at Asociacion Ninos Del Mundo was a sense of wanting to give back and step away from the demands of everyday to gain a better sense of perspective. Going on this trip allowed me to achieve that and so much more. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to immerse myself in the community and for the gratitude and love that was shown to me. The Guatemalan people were so welcoming and loving and reminded me that it is not the material things in life that will make you happy - it’s being surrounded by love and simplicity. This trip allowed me to reflect and get closer to God who so lovingly led me on this journey. I cannot wait to return and see the smiling faces of all of the children! Thank you so much for the memories.

Thank you so much!! Send everyone my best.



Volunteer Danielle DiGuglielmo

The mission trip to Guatemala I went on was one of the best experiences of my life.  Working with Leonel, My cousin Bishop Joe, and the teachers and children at Asociacion Ninos Del Mundo was truly wonderful. We got to experience the food, people, culture, and beautiful scenery and streets of Antigua.

We started our trip meeting the school director of Leonel, and his family.They so kindly and graciously welcomed us into their lifestyle.  We went together to Lake Atitlan where we watched the sunset over the lake that was surrounded by volcanoes. We walked through numerous markets, went on tours of the ruins, were able to try and cook tortillas. My friend Nora and I brought down two suitcases of school supplies, and we spent the first day at the school getting the school and supplies organized for the new class coming in the next day. We prepped for Mass, met all the teachers, and met some of the parents and their families.  It was an amazing experience getting to serve at mass as an acolyte besides my cousin  Bishop Joe.

We went and bought food for the school children's families, and delivered it to their houses, which was one of the best parts of the trip. These families so kindly welcomed us as well into their homes when we dropped the food off, and we were able to talk to the kids and parents and enjoy some time with them.

The moments of when the kids are happy and smiling, running around during recess, filled with joy energy is what the mission trip was really all about. I was not only able to reconnect my relationship with God, but also with these wonderful people I was lucky enough to meet and spend time with.  I gained a new perspective that I will carry with me forever. I cant wait to return!!

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