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Sponsor a Child - Meet Some Amazing Kids! 

 Sponsorship is a monthly giving program to help kids in poverty. Sponsoring a child in need gives them a way to break the cycle of poverty, creating a ripple effect for generations. Find out what sponsorship is all about. When you sponsor a child, you’re connected with one child who needs help and support to empower them to change their life.

Sponsor a Child with Guatemala Missions
Sponsoring a child is a personal way to show God’s love to a child in need. For $45 a month, you'll help that child and their community to stand tall, free from poverty.

What is Child Sponsorship?
When you sponsor a child, your monthly gift helps provide essentials like clean water, nutrition, education, and more to a child in need, while you connect by exchanging letters and photos. All with the goal of helping the child and community break free from poverty for good.

Use PayPal to contribute $45 per month to sponsor a child.

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  • Why sponsor a child through Guatemala Missions?
    Guatemala Missions child sponsorship is unique because we look at all the things that prevent children from surviving and thriving in their community. Then we work with each community to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together to build a better future for all children. We want to make the community a healthier place to grow up for every child in the community.

    Sponsoring a child through Guatemala Missions means that children, families, and communities have a sustainable, comprehensive plan for a bright future. Clean water keeps children healthy and allows crops to grow; nourishing food and life-saving healthcare help children stay in school; education lifts entire families out of poverty; economic opportunity creates jobs and secure futures; the love of God brings hope and spiritual transformation.  back to top

  • What is child sponsorship?
    When you sponsor a child through Guatemala Missions, you get to connect through letters and photos with a child in need, but you also get to partner with your child's community to address the root causes of their poverty. Sponsorship helps bring them things like healthcare, clean water, education, nutritious food, protection from exploitation, economic opportunity, gender equality, and God's hope.  back to top

  • How do I sponsor a child?
    Even though Guatemala Mission's approach to lifting children out of poverty starts with the community, sponsoring a child is still a one-on-one experience.

    Choose a child to sponsor whose story, interests, and circumstances resonate with you.

    Along the way, you can build a relationship with your sponsored child and your child's community through letters, videos, time, prayer, updates, encouragement, and more.

    Sponsors who have the flexibility and resources can even arrange visits to see their child.  back to top

  • Why sponsor a child?
    For relationship: We were created for relationships ? to be in community with God, with each other, and especially with those who need our help. That's when we're most fully alive. Child sponsorship is one of those joyful connections, and it's a practical way to show God's love to a child in need.

    For meaning: Some of you sponsor a child to introduce your own children to global issues. Some sponsor to pass on your values to your grandchildren. Sponsoring a child with the exact birthday as a child in your life can make the connection especially deep. They entered the world on the same day, just under different circumstances.but they will be forever tied together because of your decision to become a sponsor.

    For effectiveness: Sponsoring a child through Guatemala Missions means helping your sponsored child, their family, and their community out of poverty for good with comprehensive, sustainable solutions to the root causes of poverty.  back to top

  • What is the best child sponsor organization?
    Guatemala Missions will be the best child sponsorship organization for you if you're looking for an organization with sustainable, community-based approach. Learn more about how we work.  back to top

  • How does sponsoring a child help?
    Guatemala Missions child sponsorship programs help address the root causes of poverty and injustice in your child's community so your child, and all children in the community can have a full life. We come alongside your sponsored child's family and community with the tools they need to thrive and become self-sufficient.  back to top

  • How long is my child sponsorship commitment?
    When you sponsor, you get to create a long-term friendship with a child in need. While you can cancel at any time, you may continue sponsoring your child for as long as your child remains in the program. Many sponsors enjoy exchanging letters and photos over several years.  back to top

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