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Lavosi School for the Deaf 
Lavosi School of the Deaf

Las Voces del Silencio (LAVOSI) is a new project in Guatemala dedicated to educating and training the deaf and their families.  The “Asociacion Las Voces del Silencio” is duly registered and authorized to operate under the laws pertaining to NGO’s in Guatemala. Our school is conveniently located in Antigua which has good access for the many deaf men, women and children in the surrounding area.  We opened our doors for classes on January 25th and have enjoyed a steady growth of students as the word spreads through the community about this new school for the deaf. 

We have an outstanding staff of teachers all of whom communicate easily with the students using the Guatemalan Sign Language.  From the moment our students enter our doors they find a beautiful, spacious facility and are greeted with the smiles and hugs that give them a sense of belonging that they don’t find in many other places. At LAVOSI the deaf and their families find a loving, caring and professional educational environment.  Our services are free and open to all regardless of financial status, religious affiliation or social status. 

The sad fact is that the deaf are left out of society here.  They are discriminated against and exploited.  They find it almost impossible to find work, and when they do, they receive far less wages.  The public schools make no provisions for deaf students. A typical class size in the public school system is 30 to 35 students, making it difficult for any student, much more so for a deaf child. They are left out and left behind! The few private schools for the deaf are mostly located in Guatemala City, which is too far away and too costly for the majority of people that need their services. 

At LAVOSI we offer elementary classes (language, social studies, mathematics, sign language, etc.) to the deaf children Monday through Friday.  We also offer vocational training in the basic and fine arts, Guatemalan crafts, manual arts, general homemaking, baking, culinary arts and basic and advanced computer training.  Parents are encouraged to attend the Parent Information and Training classes on Saturdays. They are taught the Guatemalan Sign Language so that they can communicate more effectively. They are also taught that having a deaf child is a blessing and not something to grieve or something of which to be ashamed.
As we receive NO funding from the Guatemalan government, we invite you join us in giving help and hope to the deaf in Guatemala. No amount is too small! The needs are many but together we can make a difference!   For only a few dollars a day, you can provide a student with the materials, books and classes that will transform his/her life!  Many of the deaf are kept away from society, denying them any chance to gain self-respect and acceptance.  YOU can open the doors of opportunity for these deserving people.  The education and training that we provide our students gives them not only the skills they need to be successful members of their communities but also lifts them up and gives them the self-worth and dignity that we all deserve!  At LAVOSI they will find the acceptance, guidance and life-skills that will allow them to become productive members of society. 
You can learn more about LAVOSI by visiting our website at

For additional information about volunteering with LAVOSI DEAF SCHOOL in Guatemala, please contact Alvaro De León, President, and visit our official web page

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