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Lavosi 2016 Report 

The past few months have been pretty busy at LAVOSI with events and visitors, starting in March, we had 2 well-known local artists: Gui Tar and Johan Baggio each donate one of their artwork to our silent auction at “Mi Casa, Su Casa” restaurant in Antigua, set up relations with a clothing store,”Uxibal” as 10% of the proceeds goes to LAVOSI, hosted a 5k run in Cayala, Guatemala City, celebrated 7 years of LAVOSI’s founding by a week of events such as: playing soccer against Tridentino HS, “Los Patojos Corazones Unido”, held a pageant at LAVOSI, one of our students, Alejandra Argueta was crowned queen, and held a food competition, making ceviche, Teacher Nelson’s team won; in June hosted an evening of Sign Language Poetry Slam at The Rainbow Café; We had presenters from “No Me Dejo Engañar” to learn how to respect ourselves, others, and to take better care of our bodies, we also had several visitors from the United States, Canada, Sweden and had volunteers: Michaela Hanley and Toska Broadway from Gallaudet University, and currently Peace Corps Volunteers, Brenda and Len Aron; Volunteers from the United States: Abby Ho?? and Taye Hallock. We will have more events and presenters in the coming months as well as planning for summer camp in November.  

Grades 1-2: Maestra: Maria Lourdes Romero “Malu”
I have been working with the first graders on block letter writing of vowel letters, A, E, I, O, U and numbers 1-10. I also taught the students how to write their name in block letters. The students have learned the signs for colors, for everyday objects, things in the environment such as sun, clouds, moon, and stars. The second graders are learning verbs, vocabulary, short words like articles. In math clock, fractions and multiplication tables. The planets of the solar system and the different movements of the Earth.
Grades 3-4: Maestro: Nelson 
Students are learning many new subjects. I teach math MCM, and now subtraction, addition and more fractions; students are learning to conjugate verb past, present and future, vocabulary written in both Spanish and Guatemalan Sign Language. In Science, students are learning about nutrition, what foods are good for the body; 3rd graders learn about populations of Sacatepequez and Guatemala, students in 4th grade, the countries of the Americas. In art, drawing and polygonal stars are taught; For values, students are learning about respect for others, cooperation and caring for others and et cetera. In physical education, we are developing our gross motor skills and values such as solidarity and fun.

Grades 5-6: Maestro: Alvaro De Leon Espinoza
For the months of June, July and August, we have been busy learning many subjects. In Geography, the students learned about districts, landmarks such as volcanoes, and lakes in Guatemala, countries in the Americas and now are learning about European countries. In Spanish and English, the students learned verbs for 1st, 2nd and 3rd person, past and present tense, and the” to be” verb. In Math, the students learned the least common denominator. For technical drawing, the students are learning how to draw in perspective 2 dimension and 3D. The students have been practicing their drumming and baton twirling skills for the upcoming parade in Antigua, September 14, 2016.

7th Grade Classes:
For the past three months, the 7th graders have been learning the following subjects and skills: Malu teaches Spanish and Cooking: In Spanish, the students learned prefixes and suffixes and grammar, and learning how to bake cakes and pies in cooking. With Nelson for Math and Science: multiplication review, algebra and polynominals. In Science: functions of the human body. With Alvaro Sr. for Industrial Arts, the students each made a clothes rack and added art on their racks. With Alvaro Jr. for Mayan language, “Kaqchikel”, English, Accounting, Technical Drawing and Social Conversation: Students learned vocabulary for the human body in Kaqchikel and Spanish; For English, regular and irregular verbs and tenses, in Accounting: taxation, the difference between debit, credit and savings, different kinds of banking i.e., credit union, co-op vs regular banks, how to read a receipt, consumerism, and how to write letters for inquiry and disputes. In Technical drawing perspective in 2D and 3D, and to practice the art of conversation during recess on topics such as what we liked about each person, when and how we first understood that signs, words and what was spoken have meaning, and our dreams for the future.

August 25, 2016, After three years of study, Alvaro DeLeon Espinoza graduated from Panamericana University with a degree in Secondary Education. It was a very proud day for all concerned. Students in the 2nd grade have learned how to recall the numbers for the multiplication table. Chaired by Malu, we had a raffle sale with many nice prizes such as dinner for two at different Antigua restaurants. This is to help defray the cost of t-shirts for the students for the upcoming September 14 Guatemalan 

Independence Day parade. 
The students will use the t-shirts as part of their school uniform as well. We sold a bit more than the cost of the t-shirts! The remaining funds will go toward replacement of our drum-sticks and straps. Kudos to Malu! Alvaro Jr. and students 18 years of age are meeting potential employers for jobs in restaurants or cafes It's a proud day for teacher Nelson and wife, Lesbia on the birth of their baby.

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