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Guatemala / El Salvador Children's Mission
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Serving the Poor and Marginalized People 
Bishop Joseph Catrambone
Guatemala Missions reflects God’s unconditional love, which surrenders all, inspires trust and faith, and embraces all people regardless of race, status or creed. We believe that Christ is alive, and that we can best serve Him by being of assistance to those in the greatest need (Matthew 25:31-40).
Guatemala Missions Vision is that we embraces an intensely personal and biblical response to God’s call to end physical and spiritual hungers. This intentional walk with the poor mirrors God’s walk with each of us, recognizing our own brokenness and His transforming grace that brings out our God-given potential.

Guatemala Missions was created for the purpose of serving the poor and marginalized people of El Salvador and Guatemala and other impoverished areas. Projects are designed to enable Guatemala Missions to provide housing, hunger, health, sanitation and educational assistance to those most in need.

Guatemala Missions currently coordinates an annual missionary trip to Guatemala and El Salvador, as well as provides support for additional projects throughout the year.

Guatemala Missions will determine the needs of the people of  Guatemala and El Salvador by these, but not limited to these means: in-country experiences, to include previous  trips; discussing needs with the mission workers in Guatemala and El Salvador. Future projects will also be determined by factors including the number of mission trips and volunteers who commit to going, and the amount of funding that can be raised for each mission trip.

Guatemala Missions Serves in a Catholic tradition, but welcomes people of all religions to serve as missionaries. Guatemala Missions also welcomes people of different skill sets, abilities, and ages, so that those interested in participating in a mission trip in Guatemala and  El Salvador can do so. Guatemala Missions does not intend to limit its activities to Guatemala and  El Salvador. Guatemala Missions intends to meet housing, health, sanitation, and educational issues wherever there may be a need.

Bishop Joseph Catrambone
Executive Director, Founder

Our Committment 

To continue to combat the disparity of poverty until we have changed it's outcome by developing new leaders with new visions for the future generations. Leaders with the desire to share what they have learned who can impact the world.

"I was hungry and You gave me something to eat, I was thirsty...I was a stranger...I needed clothes...I was sick...I was in prison... Whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did for me." Matthew 25:36


Learning the Language of Mercy

Speaker: Anne Walsh, Coordinator of Lay Ministry development for the Redemptorists in North America

Quoting from Pope Francis, Ms. Walsh speaks at the recent retreat, Evangelium Gaudium. Her remarks focus on:\

  • Joy of the Gospel - all lay people are called to be Missionary Disciples
  • Learning the Language of Mercy - developing what that means.  

It is really excellent and worth the 8 minute run time.


 Medical Clinic 

Our first meeting with ASEDES, an educational association for the deaf in Mixto, Guatemala and Dr Barbara Hardaway.  

Association for the Deaf in Guatemala City [ASORGUA] at home in Guatemala City. We are planning to have monthly Get Togethers and Cultural Social Events on Sunday afternoons!

Interested in joining Guatemala Mission's Experience this Summer?
Interested in joining Guatemala Mission's Experience this Summer?

We are excited for Guatemala Missions Families’ donors and friends to join us here in Guatemala in the summer! If you are interested in coming, Please email Bishop at for any further inquiries.

A Letter from a Volunteer
A Letter from a Volunteer

Hi Bishop Joe,

Hope all is well! I miss Guatemala and all of the children so much. I was looking back on my photos from the trip and realized I never sent you the reflection you asked me for - so here it is:

What originally sparked my interest in going to Guatemala to help out at Asociacion Ninos Del Mundo was a sense of wanting to give back and step away from the demands of everyday to gain a better sense of perspective. Going on this trip allowed me to achieve that and so much more. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to immerse myself in the community and for the gratitude and love that was shown to me. The Guatemalan people were so welcoming and loving and reminded me that it is not the material things in life that will make you happy - it’s being surrounded by love and simplicity. This trip allowed me to reflect and get closer to God who so lovingly led me on this journey. I cannot wait to return and see the smiling faces of all of the children! Thank you so much for the memories.

Thank you so much!! Send everyone my best.



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