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Operating Guatemala Mission and its various projects are dependent upon individual donations. Individual and group donations of any size are greatly appreciated. As little as $10 or $20 does make a difference! All the families we help are impoverished so any donation will make a real life difference in reducing a struggling family's daily hardship

Support Our Work
Online donations are made securely through PayPal.  By giving a monetary donation you are providing essential funding for programs that have been identified as needing the most support. There are many way you can give.

  • Monthly - To pay a Student Sponsorship fee each month or to give regularly to other Guatemala Mission programs, please set up a Monthly-Recurring donation.
  • Monthly-Recurring or One-Time Gift to specific areas of need 
    • General  (Where most needed!)
    • Education (includes general education.)
    • Community Aid  (includes general family aid, milk & food, chickens, holiday baskets, stoves, water filters.)
    • Healthy Families 
    • Animal Welfare
    • Micro Loans 
    • Construction
    • Administration
    • Student Sponsorship
    • Family Aid
  • Donation Wish List 
    • $35 Large Basket of Food
    • $25 Large Birthday Cake (for the entire family)
    • $40 Large Birthday Cake (for entire family) AND a Birthday Gift (hula hoop, soccer ball, doll, or stuffed animal)
    • $80 100 lb of Black Beans
    • $5 Carton of 30 Eggs
    • $45 Baby Formula for babies 12 months and under for 1 month
    • $30 Milk for infants 12 months and older for 1 month
    • $50 Double Mattress
    • $170 Bed and Mattress
    • $170 Onil Stove
    • $60 Ecocina portable Stove
    • $55 Small Table with 2 Chairs
    • $93 Medium Table with 4 Chairs
    • $140 Large Wooden Table with 6 Chairs
    • $150 Traditional Clothing Adults
    • $116 Traditional Clothing Girls up to 11 years old
    • $27 Traditional Belt Adult
    • $13 Traditional Belt Girls up to 11 years old
    • $35 Leather Shoes
    • $30 Leather Shoes Child
    • $7 Plastic Shoes
    • $10 Umbrella
    • $118 Pila, a two sided cement wash basin - sink for Washing
    • $170 Family Wardrobe Medium
    • $190 Family Wardrobe Large
    • $200 Food to feed a family for one month
    • $50 100 lb bag of Corn (This makes tortillas for a family of five, 3 meals a day, for approximately two weeks)
    • $45 Egg Laying Hens (These provide a family with a supplemental income and food)
    • $12/15 Rain boots Child / Adult
    • $30 Family Health Pack (Family of 5) Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Kotex, Soap, Clothes detergent, Dishwashing detergent.
    • $25 Traditional Apron
    • $25 Blankets
    • $63 Water Filter Complete
    • $44 Water Filter Replacements
    • $20 Kids Soccer Jersey, long lasting
    • $108 Hope Chest

Mail a check to:

Guatemala & El Salvador Mission
636 Lakeworth Drive
Gaithersburg Maryland 20878

TEL: (240) 780-7642 


Use this form to make donations to Never Be Hungry. You can select to either make a one time donation or setup for recurring donations.

Enter the amount to donate.


Recurring Donation:
Enter the amount to donate, and how often you wish to make donations.

Make donations every...

If you want to support LAVOSI deaf school in Guatemala please visit its official web page to donate directly to this Project, or send an e-mail to Alvaro De León, President, or Gavin Kern, Vicepresident, for information about the better way to donate to this project.


Other Considerations

Honor Memorial Contributions:
You can make a contribution in honor of an anniversary, birthday, wedding, graduation, special event occasion or in memoriam in honor of friends or loved ones. Simply send a note with your check or online donation including information about who your gift honors, and provide contact information for the person who should receive the gift acknowledgement. Guatemala Mission will send an acknowledgement letter to that person as well as a receipt to you for your donation.

Matching Gifts - Match Your Donations:
Your company may have an Employee Matching Gift Program. These kinds of corporate matching programs give you the chance to double or, in some cases, even triple your contribution. If you have any questions about your employer's matching gifts program, please contact your human resources department.

Team & Community Fundraising:
Your willingness to help raise funds for Guatemala Missions strengthens our ability to support our special projects in underserved communities and less developed villages here in Guatemala.

Host a fundraiser:
A pot luck dinner, bake sale, holiday event, walk-a-thon, craft sale, and more. Hold a special event — Collect funds at a Lodge meeting, prom, sports event, gala, garage sale, local fair, farmers market, variety or talent show.

Make a wire transfer Donation:
For information on how to transfer funds directly into our U.S. bank account, through a US or International Money Wire Transfer please contact Bishop Joseph Catrambone at

In-kind donations:
Guatemala Missions accepts donations of some medical equipment, office supplies and Computer equipment, specifically good working Laptops and Desk Top Computers. To find out about our current needs, please contact Bishop Joseph Catrambone

Pro-Bono Volunteer Services:
We also have many volunteers who contribute pro-bono services, such as marketing support, graphic design, or consulting services. If you have a skill you think might be helpful to Guatemala Missions please contact us.

Planned giving:
Some donors generously choose to include Guatemala Missions as a beneficiary in their wills or estates. If you would like to discuss your planned giving options, please contact: Bishop Joseph Catrambone

Charitable Contributions of Stock :
If you are planning to make a relatively substantial contribution to Guatemala Missions you should consider donating appreciated stock from your investment portfolio instead of cash. Your tax benefits from the donation can be increased and Guatemala Missions will be just as happy to receive the stock. Please click here to read more. Please contact Bishop Joseph Catrambone: or call Tel: (240) 780-7642 for assistance.

Making small miracles happen each day one child and one family at a time.

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